Letter from Cary Fridley to old time music friends and Freight Hopper fans
Maple City Fest...super performance of The Freight Hoppers
Freight Hoppers at Gettysburg BG Festival
The Freight Hoppers are GREAT!!! We had them at Canyon Country
Sticking to old-time music> the missing link between old-time and Bgrass
This is a review I wrote for Crossroads.Hoppers rule! Jonathan Colcord
The Freights all in a circle of light, with a pooch:>: Senor McGuire's pooch
Poppy Mt. Wow! The Freighthoppers, wow, wow!! ... "Freights" made the trip worthwhile for me.
The Freights opened things that day AND closed them. I couldn't ask for a better day. If I could start and finish every day watching those folks, I'd be in heaven.
I think it's safe to say that Cary is making a fine attempt at keeping the mountains in that music.
Freighthopper fans include: Grassers, folkies, lounge lizards,students, old farts, Deadheads, on-the-edge accountants, contra dancers, lap dancers, born-again mullets, chicken farmers, internet gabblers, and Santa Claus.
...only David eats fire, though Frank holds the other end of the burning stake in his mouth while playing.
The Freighthoppers might be described as an old time band of"headbangers".
Cary Fridley Re: OT v/s bluegrass
I was very curious to see how a bluegrass audience like that at Thomas Point Beach would react to an old-time band like The Freighthoppers.
I just had to put in my 2 cents regarding the freighthoppers.
Please, someone, anyone, were you there, how were the Freighthoppers at Winterhawk?
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